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Nov 30, 2012 9:30am PST
shoot ten arrows in 4.9 seconds. he has a really unique style where he doesn't quiver his rows. he kes them all in h handd firee holds them. he created a semiautomatic bow and arrow. he has a spinning target and hits them all. he does another interesting demonstration where he shoots 11 arrows up into the air before the first one hits the ground. >> this guy is amazing. i feel like he should be part of an ancient army. >> a lot of what he claims he draws from are ancient archery techniques. it's a lost art. he claims ancient archers were able to shoot this quickly and it's been an art form that was lost or never well documented. he studied and has been able to reinvent what archers used to do. i bet he's really good at darts at the bar too. >>> ladies, this guy's moves are for you. >> he has serious moves. very smooth and sensual. >> you know those standup paddle boarders. it's a popular sport out there. these guys took it to the extreme. they have this enormous paddle board. it's meant for one guy to stand up. here you have a bunch of guys paddling in on the board together. >> that's
Nov 30, 2012 9:00am EST
known to this land occur not once, occur not twice, occur not three years in a row but occur forever looking forward through the budget window. the truth is they don't actually occur forever because america would collapse under the weight of that debt. our economy would cease to function. our economy would cease to exist. it never gets solved. not one year, mr. speaker, mott one year -- not one year. we bring them down to almost $600 billion. again, the best year, the next 10, is worse than the worst year in the last 50. hear that. as you look at the proposal of what folks believe is going to happen to the economy over the next 10 years, the best year we have over the next 10 is worse than the worst year we've had over the last 50 when it comes to raising the debt and deficit here in the united states of america. continuing talking about the balance, mr. speaker. the president is a smart man, and i have always respected him, mr. speaker, for the fact he's released a budget to the american people, made a proposal in every one of his four years in office. the law requires him to do it
Nov 30, 2012 7:00am PST
things but our stories were together. i don't know. >> jennifer you said his face lit up. >> he did. this was the second time i had seen the gentleman in the city, two days in a row, and not at any point before that had he seemed as happy as he was when officer deprimo came up to him. >> and there you were standing there with your camera. you come from a law enforcement family. what was it about what you saw that made you think i want to take this picture? >> i was actually going to go up and offer this gentleman some money, and i stopped once i saw officer deprimo coming towards him, and because i -- i've been doing this long enough in a similar line of work, and my father was a police officer in the city of phoenix, arizona for 32 years, i knew that it was remarkable, and i honestly had seen my dad do something similar for a gentleman in the same situation back in phoenix, and i thought i knew what i was looking at. >> long story short, you contacted the nypd and put it on your facebook page and lo and behold you are famous. what's this experience been like for you, sir? >> surrea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)